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Our staff understands in order for brands and public figures to stand out in an extremely competitive environment in the marketplace, we need to work agressively to broaden our client's brand awareness and connect them with new audiences. 


No matter what industry or form of talent one has, our ultimate mission at Key II The City Multi-media is to ensure that our client's engage with customers and expand influence.  

Dalyce Kelley

A graduate from the University of Phoenix with a BS in Business Marketing, Dalyce Kelley is a seasoned Event Planner, Senior PR, Marketing, and Media Relations expert.  She has over ten years experience with working with small businesses, public figures, event promoters, medical professionals and many more.

Ebony Williams

Ebony Williams is a seasoned marketing, public relations, and social media professional with over 7 years of experience.  Just a few of some of the accounts she has managed include our automotive clientele, night club owners, event promoters,  public figures, and small businesses. 

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